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Sunday, December 4, 2016

This blog has been BLOCKED and banned!

HH at least two people have told me that their internet provider blocks my blog B"H, they proposed that it is just another example of the impediments on the proliferation of holiness, however I suspect that it has something to do with some descriptive posts in which I discuss and correlate holy devotions to what people consider pleasures of this world, the logarithms of the censors probably picked up on them and flagged them. Since posting them I have learned from the newly published book which I merited to translate into English - The Fires of Israel, that it is far more powerful not to discuss these things explicitly and blatantly, the more ambiguous, nondescript, and enigmatic they are, the more they have potency and effectiveness, the more impact they pack. Even still I am not rash to remove them, at least for the time being. There might also be an option of calling up the different internet providers and pleading my case, but I can't see myself doing that either as of right now. May HY grant me the wisdom and the temimus to do what most sanctifies His holy name.
Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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