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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

In the End - In the end we will make Nanach great again!


A few months ago I came across the little session on Kachav Nolad (I think) that went viral - a few litvish Yeshiva boys performed and blew them away, and in my temimus or naivety I thought they were singing their own song, why would people sing someone else's song on a talent show? In any event back then after a few seconds I was unimpressed and I moved on not interested in the slightest. Then two days ago one of my friends on facebook put it up again and wrote how amazing it was and addictive, so I gave it another shot, and again I just couldn't see what was so alluring to everyone, but I saw that it was really enthralling everyone, so I listened to the whole thing, imagine that. And for some explainable reason, I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and I listened again, and I still didn't have the appreciation, and amazingly I kept trying, and then slowly I started to connect and I was blown away, and I just put it on a loop for an hour or two (-while I screamed to HY, as one should do with good music, or with anything for that matter, but especially with good music) and for two days now I did that again. But this was all because as I said above I was under the assumption that this was their own song - and as much as the Yeshivas are very off the true derech, even still at least they have the true belief in HY and the Torah, and I'm not very good at figuring out lyrics, so I just trusted that it was holy message. Even when I went to youtube to get the song - and briefly I saw pictures that had no hint to Yeshiva boys - but the version I chose was the one that just gave the lyrics, so I assumed the pictures were just of other band members, and even the name of the band and channel "Linkin Park" which kind of baffled me why Yeshiva boys would choose such a name, but I didn't think to much about it, I took what I needed and kept listening. B"H thank G-d for temimus.

In any event, so now I'm listening to this song many many times, and I've seen the lyrics, and they are kind of disconcerting and problematic. The song says that he tried so hard and went so far but in the end it doesn't even matter - and that on face value is straight up blasphemy! Because we know that everything we do very very much matters, and it is mamash blasphemy to say otherwise. And Rabbainu was most insistent that anyone can reach even his level, because everything is according to the persons efforts, everything. And even recently another friend on facebook pointed out how the directors of the horror movie The Possession - chose precisely this directive of Rabbi Nachman to frame on their wall as inspiration and keep them in the spirit of true mysticism. And here these guys are singing that it doesn't matter G"F?! Even still I still trusted that these Yeshiva boys were somehow projecting the real truth somehow, but the more I listened I just couldn't see it.

Afterwards I wanted to see what other songs these guys had, and another visit to youtube finally got me to understand that this song was just the making of some gentiles that the boys had chosen to audition. And now I wasn't really in a bind. Because first of all I am very careful not to listen to secular music, because the Talmud says that this was what brought down one of the greatest sages of history, and Rabbainu revealed how important and critical this is. And here this song is not only secular, but it seems to be blatant blasphemy - and even what the Yeshiva boys sang "I put my trust in You" and pointed to the Heavens, I don't even know what the original lyrics put their trust in.

Now I understand, that even though I tried so hard not to listen to the secular music, in the end it doesn't even matter - HY wanted me to hear this song, and so He brought about the circumstances that I should hear it. My efforts for sure matter, but in the end the Divine Will is done. Always "keep that in mind" - The Ramchal revealed in his Mesilas Yeshurim (Path of the Just), Chapter 26 (!) in the matter of holiness, it begins with avoada (-service/work/devotion) but its end is a present - this is an amazing and famous concept, a person has to do his very utmost - as far as he can go - but ultimately he can not reach the holiness, ultimately it will be a gift that HY will bestow upon him (this is similar to what Rabbainu said about Jews being the "am segula", and Rabbi Nussun about those who merit to be Breslov and others don't, this is a segula - segula (-a charm) is something above and beyond logic and reasoning - it is because HY chose it that way (even still everyone in the world has free choice, and if they apply themselves and wish to be Jewish and Breslov, they can)). Similarly the Ramchal writes of his own enormous spiritual attainments that he merited to have an angel teach him Torah and to study Torah with the souls of Moses and Father Abraham and Elijah, that this was not due to his own merit - he explains that according to the Divine Plan the time called for such revelations, and because of his devotions in meditating on the Divine Names and Attributes, he was chosen, but it wasn't that the other way around - it wasn't that he pulled it off - he did his utmost, and thus merited to the desired direction of devotions, and thus he merited to be chosen, when the Divine Plan called for it, he was chosen.

This is a huge concept that we must inculcate and apply in real life - even the things that we see as our own achievements, that we worked so hard for, real humility calls for us to come to the recognition that our efforts are one thing, but what is - it is because that what HY desired it to be.

So the song In the End, begins with, "It starts with ONE" - One is Hashem, and the verse (Isaiah) says, "I am first and I am last" - it starts with One - and in the end - it is One (-the ultimate Yichud of beginning and end - Havaya Adny). In the middle we have all our efforts (-in the paradigm of the Yichud of Havaya Elokim) - the middle is just the Creation of the Matrix that HY presented of allusion of existence outside of Him - until we merit to see the beginning and the end is One, there is nothing outside of Him, there is just One.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Interesting enough, I was very inspired by the production of the song - it's like a cut above - a higher level - and it got me to demand from myself to bring my own avoada (devotion) to higher paradigm. And while I'm having these inner confrontations and demands to takes things to higher plane, Nanach Nation posts a fake tweet from Donald Trump: Make Nanach great again! - It was dead on! NNNNM!

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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