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Monday, December 12, 2016

Today's Modern Increasingly Se*less Society


Today's society is increasingly se*less, gender neutrality – the men don't have beards and resemble women (as stated in the holy Zohar), and their roles are increasingly feminine, and with the advent of women's lib and the general trends of the day, women are increasingly playing masculine roles. Also the growing confusion of people's se*ual identity. All of this is demonstrative of the increasing revelation of the partzufim (Divine Countenances) of Atik Yoamin and Erech Anpin who are one with their feminine attributes (in Atik the feminine is in the back, and in Erech Anpin, on the left, whereas in all the lower countenances the male and female each have their own distinct countenance). See Adir Bamurom (page 390, 398) that the real events take place only in Atik, but because of the sin there are so many layers, but even still all the unifications only take place in Atik, and in the future this will once prevail. The Ramchal says (page 400) that this is why initially Adam couldn't find an “aizehr <helper> kinegdoa <corresponding, opposing>” because the hanhaga (G-d's ruling the world) was still undiluted from Atik and Arich, where there is barely a division of se*es, both masculine and feminine traits share the same countenance, so in order for Adam to have a female mate – a “kinegdoa”, there has to be a division of the se*es, which is created by the further development of the world as we know it – the further concealment of the unity of H”Y from what is so apparent under the Countenances of Atik and Arich. But ultimately the world will return, and this is probably what we are starting to see reflected in today's society. From this you can go deeper and start to understand how so many people today are trying to even change their se*, as the Roash/beginning/male of the hanhaga is nearing its revelation in the Soaf/end/female, the lines are becoming blurred, and this is being reflected in peoples bodies.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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