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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Praying for Messiah and meriting to Nanach!


In the early days of the publicizing of the holy Petek, Saba had really only two staunch friends, Ahron Patz o.b.m. and Meir Yimini o.b.m.. One day they were sitting together in Ranana, and  Saba told them go to the Kosel - the Western Wall - there is someone there praying for Messiah, bring him over.

So this is what was happening. Sharon Telstore (who for many years is devoted to bringing the holy tomb of Rabbainu to Jerusalem bb"a) who was fresh off of a secular kibutz (early Israeli communist styled colony), clean shaven and all, was considering suicide, and he went to the Western Wall and he was praying there for two days straight for Messiah, and that is what Saba picked up on.

So Meir and Aaron Patz went to the Western Wall and started looking for this person who was praying for Messiah. They saw a gur chussid, and they asked him if he was praying for the Messiah, and they got a bewildered stare, and similar responses, until they decided to approach the young clean shaven boy, and they brought him to Saba.

Recently, on the the 18th of Cheshvon, the hilula of Saba, Sharon met with Saba's grandson Shefer who recently retired from being Bibi Netanyahu's Chief of Staff, and Shefer told him that there is an active initiative to bring the holy tomb of Na Nach Nachma Nachamn MeUman to Jerusalem, and that the allotted plot on Mount Zion is still officially recognized and binding to be the site for the holy tomb, bb"a.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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