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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

HH - what does HH stand for, Nanach?!

HH was originally coined I think by Shimon Kreisel as Hashem Helps, it is especially personalized for my own name: Happy Hochman, and it is also short stand for Holy Hilarious, and more important – His Holiness - His Highness! Once I was accused of insinuating a usage of hey handsome, but that would warrant capital punishment not capital letters. History Happening (- in the making).

for the longest time I couldn't figure out why I could never find this post with google (this is still going on, it is mind-boggling! You can type 20 words from this post into google and it still will not show up in the search engine!), and I finally realized that in the cold dark world out there, where everyone is afraid of everyone, hh stands for heil hitler may his name be blotted out, and therefore hh is considered antisemitic  .... but little do they know of the awesome power of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman to turn everything around to the good! 

[Recently I learned that lehavdil... (to seperate and strongly differentiate...)  the yogi's have already incorporated three HHH ---> "3HO" - happy, healthy, holy. don't know the rest of their semantics, maybe they didn't go with the simple HHH because of the above problem with the nazis]
In recent times (Adar 75) B.D. pointed out that HH can stand for Hashem Hashem which is the introduction to the 13 Divine Attributes of Mercy of the Crown! (In which the countenance of Z"A calls and draws the completion of the 13 from E"A, enumerated in the prophet Micha). Interestingly this was pointed out as a comment to a teaching I shared about Honesty and Humility --- HH.

DBK points out that HH also stands for Hashem Hoo (is) Hu'Eloakim (G-d).
DBK further points out that HH also stands for holy, holy, holy.

HH is also a seasons greeting of Happy Holidays - Happy Hanuka! Bear in mind that H is the eighth letter, eight being the eight days of the miracle of Hanuka - HH!

HH is also like two Hebrew letter hais - הה - each has a numerical value of 5 - and standing together they can represent the two tablets of the covenant (Loochoas Habris) - each tablet presented 5 commandments.

The main thing of course is Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, so how does HH amount to NNNNM?
Very simple, in Russia, and in the Ukraine where Rabbainu, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov is buried, their "N" is our "H", so when referring to Nanach by the letters where he resides, one would of course sign: HH - for Na Nach!!!

Furthermore, Rabbainu is the "Roash <Head of> Ba-yis <the House>" - HH: Head of the House!

So if DD is a doctor's degree in religion, HH is a religions degree in Nanach.


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