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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Israel sold out by Obama on Hanuka?!


How is it that specifically on the festival of Hanuka, Obama sells Israel out? Here's a possible factor.

It is apparent that the festival of Hanuka is on the days of the end and beginning of the month something unique to this holiday - aside from the New Years. Most of the holidays are on the middle of the month. On the middle of the month the moon is at its fullest, whereas at the beginning and end of the month it is at its smallest. The moon symbolizes the Kingdom of David. The miracle of Chanuka was brought about through Matisyahu Chashmoanay the High Priest and his sons - priests are the aspect of the first born, because originally the priesthood was the natural status of the firstborn. Therefore the holiday is celebrated around the first of the month. Our Sages revealed that because the Chashmoanain didn't give over the kingdom to the scions of David, they were ultimately wiped out completely, to the extent that if someone claims to be of the House of the Chashmoanain it must be that he is slave (Kedushin 70b). Therefore there is a bittersweet taste to Chanuka that the slave, the aspect of Obama infringes on the Kingdom of David.

This also gives us some insight into what Saba Yisroel revealed in Ebay Hanachal (Blossoms of the Springs, letters written to the President of Israel, Zalman Shazar; part 2:13) that through the power of the miracle of Chanuka we merit to draw the light of the truth, even in the utter blackness of the night, to nullify the exchange of the slave that was swapped with King's son (Legendary Tales of Ancient Times), that we should merit to clarify the truth of Hashem, to know whom is truly worthy of being called the name of the aspect of a slave's son, and whom is truly worthy of being called by the name of the king's son.

Now it is very clear that ultimate fulfillment of the miracle of Chanuka can only be accomplished with Na Nach Nachma Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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