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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Signifigance of the Petek

Many people claim to believe the authentacy of the Petek but question its signifigance writing off the biggest miracle (as stated by the Saba) as a mere message of support. [the wiki encyclopedia rated the article on NaNach as secondary, not realizing or acknowledging how crucial NaNach is]. The Saba said that if he were to reveal the meaning of two words from the Petek to someone, he would nullify their free will. The Petek must therefore have quite a substantial message to be learned. In my opinion the most important and signifigant aspect of the Petek is the fact that it makes clear that the continuation of Bresluv until the coming of Mushiach is through the Saba. Therefore if one someone really accepts the Petek than it is incumbent on him to really study everything about the Saba to learn and find out what exactly the Saba defined Bresluv. One thing the Saba said was that whoever read the book Blossoms of the Spring is considered a Bresluv Chusid. In the the letters published in Blossoms of the Spring the Saba clarifies many concepts, he makes clear the supremacy of Rabbi Nachman and how the whole world is completely dependant on Rabbi Nachman (it is also worth noting that the Saba reveals how a seemingly estranged Jew is quite precious and a fundamental part of the rectification of the world and the final redemption). The Saba teaches how to have the correct and complete focus on Rabbi Nachman.
[Some people question why only the Saba can be relied upon to give over this true way of life.
They say that they have Rabbis who also speak very highly about Rabbi Nachman and demand their followers to completely heed Rabbi Nachmans teachings. The sad truth is that once they have made themselves into leaders, following them is already against the true way of Rabbi Nachman, maybe I will explain this elsewhere. More over I am familiar with the so called leading famous Rabbis of Bresluv and know that they are not at all adherent to this cause. This is a subject which must be treated properly so as not to fall into name calling and slander, however anyone who really wants to get to the truth must research this to satisify his integrity. However in this article I am addressing those who believe in the Petek and therefore must accept the fact that the Saba is the one who defines Bresluv.]
What remains to be discussed is what are we supposed to learn from the Saba. Did the Saba change anything in Bresluv, or is it just that to have and to develop the correct approach to Bresluv we are reliant on the Saba?


Biraishis said...

Where would we be without Na Nach?!
It is impossable to make it without Na Nach!

Sara said...

If not for the Saba I would be in a very bad place now g.f.!
Only the Saba gave me what I needed!

sam the seeker said...

you know the story with jesus; if that's what g-d wanted he would of came to US in a dream!