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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Way of the Saba

Let's begin examining the special way of the Saba, how the Saba gave light and life in a way that got through to us. Once, in a discussion, I suggested that the Saba's way is like that of Rabbi Nachman's on his trip to Eretz Yisroel. Many correlations are obvious, such as both are heralding a time of enormous upliftment, just as Rabbi Nachman attained his goals upon entering Eretz Yisroel, so are we entering the days of Mushiach.
This is a critical time when no holds are barred, its the final all out fight (as Rabbi Nusson predominantly writes). Apx. 500 years ago Rabbi Chaim Vital ZT"L, the chief disciple of the
Ariz"l, writes in the introduction to the Aitz Chaim, that they are already in the time period referred to as the heels of the Mushiach. By now we must say that we are actually on the souls of the feet - getting trampled upon, or we can say that we are at the other end of the body - where one sits. This latter conclusion is alluded to by Rabbi Nussun in Likutay Halachos (Bitzias Hapas) where he speaks at great length about the garments of feces we are dressed in. It is very worthwhile to see his holy awesome exposition in its entirety. He explains how food goes through a whole process until it is digested and the useful part is extracted and the waste separated and removed, we are at the final state of the separation, which explains our pitiful state. Everyone knows for themselves the stench they are in, and if they are unaware, it is because they have been completely engulfed in it h"y.
In the midst of this quire, the final battleground, the ultimate determination takes place. Here Rabbi Nachman's light shines forth as a lifeline.
What we are experiencing today was never ever experienced in all of history. Anyone who thinks they can conduct themselves and survive, merely by the old ways is absurd. To tell someone today, that if he just learns a little more Gemora and is holding in learning, he will escape the persecuting Yaitzer Hura, is a cruel and evil advisor. It is quite obvious that we need to have some method and technique of astonishing calliber to combat the travails of our times. This way is provided by Rabbi Nachman, particularly Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!
Even as we see society shamelessly parading in immorality and blasphemy, we also see that the truth, which was thrown to the floor, has begin to arise. People not embarrassed to perform the most viol acts and to violate the worst transgressions, are also not embarrassed to seek out the complete truth. In previous generations this was not so, people were ashamed to carry out the vile deeds, but they were also ashamed to really get to and follow the ultimate truth and path of righteousness. Also nowadays, aside from the honesty and frankness, people are really forced into admitting their need for the best and most powerful Tzadik, because of the dire state they are in. So for these, and many other reasons, society is finally beginning to recognise the supremacy of Rabbi Nachman and turning to his way.
As society gears to follow Rabbi Nachman, a great schism takes place. Rabbi Nachman's taught how a person can gain Independence, the strength of character and personality to live life with G-d on a personal level and not to be pressured at all by the dictates of society. So as society shifts towards Rabbi Nachman it introduces many huge impediments, such as Rabbis of self stature. Bresluv almost never suffered from such influences. Anyone who became a follower of Rabbi Nachman, did exactly that, he left all other influences and accepted only the advice and teachings of Rabbi Nachman himself. That is precisely why a person became a Bresluv Chusid, to attain his own unique relationship with G-d as meted by Rabbi Nachman. Nowadays however as society in general angle toward Bresluv it take with it all its shortcomings, therefore hiding the real way of Rabbi Nachman.
The only exception to this huge calamity is in the fringe cult of Na Nach, where the individual must earn and gain for himself his own individuality and identity. Na Nach builds character and personality.
This is where one can begin to appreciate the Saba's accomplishment. Saba guarded and retained the authentic way of Rabbi Nachman. Those looking up to the Saba are challenged to raise themselves to meet the the true call and regiment of Rabbi Nachman. Every Na Nach is challenged not to succumb to the pressures of society, rather to positively influence and direct society. Every Na Nach strives to achieve the absolute personal relationship with G-d as Rabbi Nachman desires.
With G-d's help I will write more on this subject.


still searching said...

you said it best! the way of the Saba is for people aware of their stench and dressed in garments of feces! just shout NaNach! just what does R'Nachman have to do with it? who needs the "best & most perfect tzadik possible"? where are you from? as for me i have many many role models still alive that i can spend my lifetime trying to emulate! what possible benefit to mankind is this shouting NaNach accomplishing? are you blind to our spiritual needs? Do you also approve of those ridiculous white "beanies"?!

sam the seeker said...

Halleluka Finally, a sensible side to all this NaNach Some intelligent explanation to an seemingly ridiculous phenomena that is spreading worldwide. More & more of these hysterical white “beanies” are sprouting wherever I turn, Good For You We all know that these Nanach characters adopted it for the simple sake of avoiding REALITY; earning an income, supporting a family, being a productive member of a community, caring for aging parents, etc. All Jews are well aware that the basic tenet of our belief, and the responsibility of all of mankind, is hakaras tov- showing gratitude, and obviously to focus on spreading NaNach is ignoring all personal responsibility. The author makes it quite clear that this movement is for “troubled” souls. May
G-d have mercy
When the author writes how the “old ways” are outdated, what comes to mind is the famous story with Rabbi Akiva; If the fish are dying in the water CAN they possibly be safer out of the water?
Our Holy Torah is our lifeline, our Sages say that the remedy to the evil inclination is Torah, and history has proven them correct from time immemorial. Unfortunately, all these new movements- reform, shabtai tzvi, etc. just left us with great aping voids; ViHu Rachum... The author writes that to follow R’ Nachman is to leave all the teachings; one must ask, what happened to Tora MiSinai- divine revelation? I have yet to find a single NaNach character who actually completed all of Shas, let alone knowledgeable in it. The author censors famous Jewish Personalities on their actions; one must ask what are his credentials? I will be bold enough to publicize the following statement: Noone will ever find a NaNach character who completed the whole of the Arba Turim with anyone of the major commentaries; the simple fact is that anyone who has enough reverence for our Sages Holy Works does not have time for these silly antics. While the author’s love for mankind is not in doubt, who decides his halachic issues? Someone in a white “beanie”?
As the author makes clear, Bresluv is a contradiction to leadership, but this is a gross distortion of the truth; Bresluv has many elderly distinguished renowned scholars, and while they are not actual leaders, they clearly have precedence in truly understanding and representing R’ Nachman’s teachings. If these NaNach characters get any thirst for the truth they certainly have where they can find it. While I can see many positive sides to this NaNach one must ultimately decide; was this incredible creation called man created for the silly purpose of a “new song” or must there be more profound accomplishments in life.
The saddest part is that anyone aware of Bresluv’s teachings must know that R’Nachman taught us that the greatest feat is accomplished by a cry of only ONE word;”daddy” or “help” The Almighty is urgently waiting for our simple cry for help to bestow on us His amazing blessings. Isn’t that a heck of a lot easier? and smarter!

Dun Aryeh said...

Still searching and sam the seeker what exactly are you looking for on the internet if not to be pogem habris. One can easily tell from you words that you are both extremely steeped in very impure sins. Repent now.

still searching said...

dear dun,you were definately pogem the bris of your tongue! If you don't learn anything you'd never hear of it! go to or some reputable AUTHENTIC orthodox website to see TORAH!

still searching said...

dear dun, the wise man said be wary of he who knows it all!!!

Dun Aryeh said...