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Monday, February 11, 2008

With the help of G-d blessed be His name, and His true tzadikim, particularly Rabainu Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman, of blessed memory, I will begin to write some of the truth I merited to percieve. Until I am able to write things in an organized fashion, I will write whatever matters come to mind.
- Someone who is really trying to serve G-d and be a proper person will forsure be under great pressures and stress by the evil inclination, this is cleary stated in the Gemura, that everyday a persons evil inclination overpowers him, and if not for the help of the Holy One B"h, a person would not be able to overcome the onslaught. Rabbi Nachman say that the reason for this is so that the person will be forced to turn to G-d for everything (this is also taught in other holy books, the Ishbitzer (one of the main mentors of Shlomo Carlbach, and Teacher and Master of R' Tzadok Hacohen (who authored notes to Sefer Hamidos)) in May Hasheloach Likutim puts it quite beautifuly, that a person trying to guard the covenant (especially that of his body along with the thoughts attached) will have huge ups and downs, often chancing upon wonderous solutions only to fall again afterwoods etc.. All of this, the Ishbitzer says, is because G-d desires that the person should speak to him, and he will suffer trials and tribulations until he begins this holy practice of constantly speaking and conversing with G-d). Therefor it is obvious that such a person, upon hearing about anything that can help him in his struggle, will not mock it or discount, just like a drowning man will not examine something being extended to him to save him. Only after trying the offered help will any criticism be in order. So all those out there, upon hearing about Na Nach are given an opportunity to pull themselves out of the mess they are in, and their reaction will be based on how much they care about their plight.

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Sabaynu said...

Na Nach can really alleviate the tremendous suffering of all the tortured souls out there. Its so simple and so effective!!!
Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman!!!
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