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Sunday, April 27, 2014

HH mfss

HH this morning by the holy tomb the visiting mfss known by the nickname Kangaroo, actually came early enough to hear the morning song and he also merited to see and hear the dance of the Petek after the services.
Yesterday one of his clan engaged me with an honest enquiry into the import of the Petek , and as I explained to him at length others listened in, one came over and said that it is forbidden to speak to me because it is dangerous, and I affirmed that it is in fact dangerous to speak with a NaNach, chances are you might start living the truth ... Na Nach Nachma Nachman  MeUman! Another guy said that I was saying some really good stuff but that I'm unworthy to speak , because a mouth that denigrated his mfss can't speak good things. Then I challenged him to tell me when and how I denigrated his mss, and he said because I had prayed aloud while his mfss was giving a lecture in front of the holy tomb (something no one does - to take personal honor in front of the rebbe... And to want to silent all the prayers too?!!).
As the above mfss began his lecture another mfss walked into the tomb with his entourage - ymm and I gave home a big smile - we go ways back and I was enjoying the new twist of two mfss    competition. Usually ymm likes sitting in on other lectures but this time he didn't care to and he tried to pray. Then he sent a kid that was with him to give me charity - I think I heard him say pidyon! One Ukrainian grivna ( less than a dime) and then I think he said something about matters between rebbes.after I went to continue the prayers in the bigger hall.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman  MeUman!

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