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Monday, April 28, 2014

No despair in the world!!!!

HH Ruchuv was 10 years old when the Jews left Egypt. She was one of the most gorgeous women that ever lived. Just by what was conjured by mentioning her name would bring men to orgasm. Rachav was a prostitute who slept with thousands and thousands of men without any limits or standards.
Rachav facilitated the Jews entry and conquering of the Holy Land and she converted and married the leader of all Jewry, Yehoshua - the main student of Moses who never left the Beis Medrash (Torah study hall). They only had daughters, but from their progeny were 10 of the most famous and holy priests!
If anyone thinks they fell lower than Rachav there is still hope with NNNNM! But for everyone in the world they can draw inspiration and new hope and determination from Rachav and of course Na Nach Nachma Nachman  MeUman!

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