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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kosher Money


Previously I posted about being mugged. It all started when someone gave me 50 grivna (about $4.5) so I had money to buy crocs for my feet (which I still need...), so I went to the market and looked high and low but couldn't find anything close, this was kind of painful for me because my left foot is swollen (B"H it's getting better slowly), so dejected I made my way back, and the rest is history. So it was this guys 50 grivna that brought it all about, and in the end I lost the 50 g. as well.

So afterwards this guy gives me another 50 grivna, and I decided that the thing I needed most desperately was new headphones (because the ones I was using were just stolen), so I set out to a shopping plaza to buy them. This turned out to be extremely grueling -- due to my foot - as mentioned, and I was left in pretty bad shape -- the beating I had taken and then this little excursion. In the end the earphones turned out to be real garbage --- and I also realized that I still had the original earphones to my stolen phone which are pretty good BH. So this guy -- twice --- brought me great pain with his little handout.

So obviously this guys money is a little tainted, but how does one know?! Tzadikim used to make a selection on the money they received -- I have to learn how to that! It's a tricky business taking money from people....

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!!!

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