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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Adventures of Simcha Nanach


On my way out of EY to Uman, I arrived late at the airport, and very close to the departure of the flight I was forced to buy a return ticket, B"H I managed although because of the time pressure I settled for a more expensive ticket.

מקיש יציאה לביאה....

On my way out of Kiev to the Holy Land, my flight was 9:45 am, Netz was about 7:50 am, so I got a ride to the airport with Binyomin from W., and we arrived at the airport in time to daven Netz, and then I checked in my suitcase and proceeded to customs, there was a long line, and when I finally presented my passport, lo and behold, once again I was there more than I was welcome, so about 45 minutes before the flight I find myself in their office as they struggle to get the printer working and figure out how to extract money from me. They demanded about 860 grivna -- (last time that came out to about $108, this time, due to the depreciation of the grivna, it came out to about $53. Something to think about...), so i went to the bank, waited my turn, and gave them my credit card, but they said that they couldn't recognize it. So I was stuck, with very little time before my flight. Looking around the airport the only Jews I saw were two bochurim, I asked them if I could borrow the money and pay them back in Israel, but they didn't have money, just a few grivna they had left over, so they donated 50 grivna to the cause. They told me that they had also been looking around for other Jews but couldn't find any. So I circled the airport, with my heat screaming to HY, and with full faith that everything is mamash for the best (maybe the flight was going to blow up???), and I was already thinking about what it would be like to merit to spend more time with Rabbainu, but in any event I had to redeem my passport from the customs, and I didn't want to lose the flight. -- So B"H I spot a guy wearing a beanie sitting at a table with someone that might have been his mother --- it was less than 10 minutes to my flight. So I as him if he speaks English and blurt out my situation in as few words as possible, and without any need of further explanation the guy hands me 2 crisp 500 grivna bills (from a leather portfolio), and the woman another 100. So he asks me if I'm coming from Rabbi Nachman, and I say of course, and he asks me if he could give me names to pray for, I say, forsure, so he hands me a very fancy pen, and I start writing names on a napkin: Eliyahu ben Luba Simcha and Tamar bat Rachel -- may H"Y bless them with all the blessings and salvations of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman -- they were just warming up -- ready to give me many more names, but said to them sorry but my flight is almost gone, and I raced to the bank, there was a long line, but they let me cut to the front, and after a brief wait I paid, ran to the customs (had to go through security.....), got my visa, and started running for the boarding gate -- that's when I hear my name on the loudspeaker to present myself immediately for boarding, it was still a little distant and I made it there as fast as I could, it was completely deserted except for one attendant, who was kind of surprised that I actually showed up, and she started to ask me why I was so late, but she cut herself off because there was no time and she sent me quickly to the plane -- B"H the plane had delayed the few minutes (plus the extra time before the final departure when they close for good) that I needed.
Yishtabach Shimo Lu-ad -- not only did I make it, I was about 250 (less than $20) richer for the ordeal.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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IlaN-ach said...

An epic adventure of emunah!