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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lights of hope -- Nanach --- in Auschwitz!!!


So my new friends didn't show up last week, and I was thinking oh well, that's the end of them... HY. Just now I get a call from them, they didn't make it last week because they were invited to participate in the big holocaust memorial with all the celebrities.

So after enduring all the ceremonies in the freezing camp grounds, and spending Shabbos in the hotel hearing all the atrocities that went down, comes time to make havdala, and my friend has had enough of the death and agony, so he sits on the side and pops out his newly acquired Nanach books. He reads the story of the Petek, and begins dancing Nanach (to the best of his knowledge), and he's not sure if he's mad, but he strengthens himself, and before long more and more people join the dancing, and then everyone is dancing (it's like 1000 people), and on the women's side, they are dancing!!!!

Everyone is dancing thanks to Rabbainu.

The guests were so bent from the whole event, and they were about to return to the misery of their professions, chasing the shortcomings of this world, and it was very bleak. They don't know where they are heading, after seeing where the Jews had ended. Suddenly B"H Rabbainu interjects and says you got plenty to be excited about!!! Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!!!

So my friends, are reading to the guests from the Nanach books. The guy is reading the story of the Simpleton and the Wise Man, and this is something that blew their minds, because this is exactly what they were trapped in, all their sophistication. The woman is reading to the women about shmiras habris, and the women who all have sons, are crying for all the calamity they may have caused. And they are all full of gratitude to Hashem for everything now.

Also there was a gentile boy who was stuck with them due to the weather, and he was completely blown away by some of the teaching of Rabbainu, and they were amazed just watching the impact and power of Rabbainu.

So many of the celebrities are crying and laughing, and they are thanking my friends telling them that they have made their lives, as they are about to return to the gloomy world of falsehood. -- How did the media miss out on this???

There's much more, but I told myself at least something otherwise I won't write anything, so B"H for every little bit.

B"H thank G-d for Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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