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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Miracles of the Nanach Political Party

When the Nanach went to register the party in the Knesset last week, they went early, but the Knesset didn't allow them in saying that they should come back tomorrow. This was because they wanted to facilitate Cachalon to register first (because he was taking the name of the Nanach party "Kulunu"). So the Nanach were about to give up. Then they get a call from Sharon that Nachman Yitzchok is on the way and they should get his documents, so Moshe Ofir went out and he was blowing his bubbles and all the press jumped on the action and he entertained them. In the meantime this served as a huge diversion, as Maor went and got the documents and entered the Knesset passing the entry point where it is forbidden to be simply removed... The security was pretty upset (they were overheard on their radios - "two in pajamas going up..."), they kicked out Moshe Ofir completely and Nachman Yitzchok remained outside, but Maor remained on the IN, and registered the party!!! With the amazing video that I already posted here! Only afterwards Cachalon showed up, too late...

Na Nach  Nachma Nachman MeUman!!!

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