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Monday, February 16, 2015

Transferring files from computer to android phone


This happened when I was trying to put some more songs from my computer (laptop) onto my android phone (oneplus one).

This simple necessity can be so so frustrating, you paid hundreds of dollars for you phone, and you just want to put something on it from your computer, and it can't do it!!! apps will do anything but the most basic thing is almost impossible! Even worse, you were able to do it in the past, so why all of the sudden won't it work. ("your device has stopped working" or has been turned off....  -- don't you love it!)

So you go try to find an app that will do it, and it isn't easier, because you phone is supposed to be doing the transfers automatically from your computer, so the apps are offering even better ideas like wireless transfers, but you just want a simple USB connection the way you are used to without having to learn a whole new system. But eventually you give up and say OK I'll try the new way --- wireless. And then of course it isn't so simple at all, and it doesn't work, not on the first few tries...

So here's where Nanach comes in.

You say Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman and Divine Salvation is here.

What you gotto do is first copy some of the files from your phone to your computer --- make a folder on your computer call it whatever you like, maybe in memory of a distant relative, or of Rabbi Nachman -- Nanach for short -- and go into your phones music folder, copy some songs, paste them into your new folder on your computer.

Now, with the help of G-d and in the merit of NNNNM! Lo and behold you will be able to select songs from your computer and copy and paste them into your phone!

You owe one to Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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