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Monday, October 19, 2015

Joy has been captured by Evil -- needed: commandos to rescue it!


Just now the Nanach were learning Likutay Halachos about being happy, so I asked them what they learned. So they told me, Rabbi Nussun asks how come the people in the bars and theatres seem to be enjoying themselves, while the people in the holy places seem to be very weighted down? This he says is the manifestation of the galus (exile) of the Shechina, because the Shechina is the called the Joy of Israel, and now that it is in exile, it is dressed in coarse garments. This is why Rabbainu commanded us to make avail of the 'milsa dishtusa' – doing something foolish, this is like a commando mission, to go into the klipa – evil husks, and snatch the joyous Shechina, and escape with her to holiness. So I was thinking that Rabbainu said why is a Jew called an Ivri – because he jumps over the whole world, and Rabbainu would laugh at the vanities of the world, they themselves were for him a milsa dishtusa. What's important is to find something to laugh at, even if it is yourself, and keep laughing, until you get passed the heaviness of this world, and from there on (this Likutay Halachos is based on Torah 24 which shows how to rocket up, from world to world, until the Ein Sof – Infinite One Blessed He), things will be quite thrilling B"H.

 Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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