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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The curse of external knowledge of the gentiles


Rabbi Nussun, the prime disciple of Rabbi Nachman, was the master of seeing only good in people. He received from Rabbainu the teaching and life practice that even in the most evil Jew there is some good point, however small, which one should search out, latch on to, and only see this person through the vantage of this goodness. Rabbi Nussun said that he can explain elaborately any area of the entire Torah, but to explain even the most insignificant Jew he was unable.

This very Rabbi Nussun composed pages and pages of diatribe, castigation, and curses against those who teach and pollute the young Jewish minds with secular knowledge. Today probably thousands if not tens of thousands of Breslovers pray and articulate these words every day! Be aware!

This should drill home the utter evil and danger of secular knowledge.

Today as science manifests its exhibitionism of its measurements and computations, producing tools and devices, it becomes harder to retain the realization of how superficial all of it is, really just an assembly of the empirical in a mechanical fashion so that it can serve humanity in some way. In a previous post Machine Angels you can see how all the services these new robots are providing and many more, were all provided for Adam directly via spiritual forces of angels, and every physical entity is in reality empowered by a spiritual one, and it is a terrible handicap to be blind to the reality and only see the superficial physical shell and credit it for more than what it is, a slave. All the external knowledge of the sciences and all the fields and disciplines studied in the secular world, are simply just that - slaves, at the service of the true inner purpose, nothing more. Don't mistake it from what it is, don't be misled. True it may contain some amazing facets, such is the nature of the creation of G-d Almighty, but in no way does it even begin to touch the true wisdom of the Torah. Every letter of the Torah is true living wisdom of creating value - not simply empirical, stagnant, and dormant. There is a great deal more to be said....

Keep strong.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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