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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why do you gotto go down before you go up?! Na... Nach


This is the 5th article in the holy awesome book Rejuvenation of the Soul:

When a person needs to rise from level to level,  he must experience a descent before the elevation, because the descent is for the purpose of the ascent.

Now here's a little chidush from Simchale Nanach: the Hebrew here doesn't seem to be correct, literally it reads: the descent is the epitome/purpose of the ascent, which is backwards. So it seems to me that Rabbainu is saying that the descent that is necessary prior to an ascent, is in effect the achievement of reaching the lowest point of the new level one is ascending to, so even though it seems that one has descended, in reality this is just the beginning of the new level. That is don't think that the descent is kind of arbitrary, a person needs to get thrown down and taste the dust before rising, as can readily be understood from the verse in Proverbs (Chapter 18), before honor one is humbled, so Rabbainu reveals that the humbling is in fact the entry level of the higher level.

1 comment:

nanachgear said...

chazak simcha.
nice chidush.
saw a picture on a fb post with similar message:
"better to cross the line and face the consequences than to spend a lifetime staring at it."
not exactly the same, but a bechina. nn