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Friday, March 14, 2008

Adressing the Comments

Unfortunately it's just now that I noticed the two new comments, which B"hy I will address here. It is almost Shabos so I'll start now, and then it will be Shabos....
One of the comments hit on the point that the Na Nachs know that they have dirtied themselves. This is a point that is critical, this is explicit in all of Rabbi Nachman's sforim. Rabbi Nachman himself, who was zoche to write the most incredible sforim, return millions of Jews to Judiasm, and elevate the basic meaning of Judiasm, shortly before his death was seen stretched out on the floor crying bitterly to Hashem to be even a simple Jew. It for this reason Rabbi Nachman says that we can not settle for any Rabbi, rather we need the biggest and best. Just like a sick person, depending on the severity of his illness seeks a specialist of the highest caliber, and if G-d forbid one is terminally ill, he will try to find the best doctor in the world, so much more so when it comes to our main existence, the more we can not settle for anything short of the best. The best is Rabbi Nachman himself. Rabbi Nachman says one should not say, this Rabbi is good enough for me, if only I would have his good character traits and knowledge etc.. For even though it may be true that there is much to be learnt from many Rabbi's but the more a person realizes the magnitude of G-d and the very low place where he is, in this honesty a person will come to Rabbi Nachman.
Now there are all types of groups today that call themselves Breslov and they have built for themselves their own protection systems that save them from actually confronting the above truth. Whether or not they say it or not they look up to their leaders in a way that never was accepted in Breslov based on the above paragraph.
People are looking for leaders to take the responsibility from them, they give them a certain amount of honor and money and receive a leader who gives credence to their lifestyle and makes critical decisions for them. Often the leader may in fact be a grand pragmatician, however it is still a support system that feeds on itself, resulting in stagnation and irrecognition that we real need to get in touch with G-d, not in some Dov-Dov judiasm happy rosy way, but to really acknowledge our short comings and suffering and stench, and to really start screaming to G-d and doing what ever it takes to get back to G-d, as prescribed by Rabbi Nachman.
The challenge about there not being any Na Nach that finished all the Turim and Shas, is not substantiated. The saba, it is said, finished shas 101 times shortly after he received the Petek. Rabbi Moshe Feinstien testifies that the Saba has great knowledge of Kabala. Rabbi Moshe F. never talked, wrote, or discussed Kabala, for Rabbi Moshe F., two years before his death, to write such a statement is evident that the Saba made an extremely profound impression. Even still it needs explanation why Rabbi Moshe refers to Kabala, but at the very least it shows that Rabbi Moshe experienced tremendous respect for the Tora knowledge of the Saba.
Myself coming from a family full of Rabanim, Roshay Yeshiva, Admorim, do not want to discuss them. Most of them to their credit, if put in such a position will admit that they are very very short of having to offer what is needed. Even still they carry on in their positions (this is sometimes to their credit, kind of like - bimukom she ain eesh....) and they have followings etc. and the end result is that neither they or their followers really break down and acknowledge the truth as it is found in the holy sforim of Rabbi Nachman.
Myself, I finished a good chunk of Shas with the basic Reshonim (mishnayos the whole thing), I have authored sforim on shas and on many other areas of our holy Tora, just as the Ramchal says that we should not abandon any section of our holy Tora G-d forbid, rather we should at times study all its venues. But the Ramchal says "G-d Forbid" we should spend large amounts of time studying halacha, look it up for yourself in the letters of the Ramchal, letters 88 and 89 and many other places. The Nefesh Hachaim says that their are chasidim that don't have a full shas yet they have many books of ethics. Thank G-d for chasidim. Thank G-d for Na Nach, because I believe that despite may of the venomous statements in the comments, on the contrary they are a sign of the sufferring of their author, who is beginning to recognise the truth, and it is only Na Nach that has the power, it is only Na Nach that gives the jolt and wakes people up to reality!
Screaming Na Nach does enormous good in infinite ways. Look up the beginnig of the book of Mishley, Chuchmos Bachutz Turona Birichovos Teetain Kola (I will know if you look it up properly), chazal say this is talking about a heavenly scream of the Tora which reprimand man for abondening the Tora. Rabbi Nachman say (LKMT 8) that the only conducive, proper, and effective way of criticizing is through the song that is single double triple quadruple, and in the introduction to his poem in the beginning of Likutay Moharan is is clear that Rabbi Nachmans name is that song.So if you were zoche to hear someone screaming Na Nach, you should be very excited and proud, you heard the calling of the Torah!
Na Nach does challenge the scandals of society, where the system, feeding on itself forces its subjects to be slave. Fancy houses and apartment must be purchased which necessitate loans, which necesitate the woman to work, which necesitate baby sitter etc. etc. and above all necesitate leaders who approve and bow to this slavery. The Saba did not. He laughed at the sheker of this existence. The Na Nach, many who devote their days and night to keruv rechokim, without getting any salary. They live very simply in true faith. Most Na Nachs bring up beautiful familys and enhance their community, city, country, and the whole world! They do not avoid any responsability, rather they revoke the yoke of falsehood, accept the true way of Rabbi Nachman, and low and behold they opperate with surprising efficiency, dinamacy, and productivity.
In addition bear in mind that Rabbi Nachmna said that people unable to start up with the Rebbe pick on the chasidim. The Na Nachs are definitely the closest to really accepting Rabbi Nachman completely without compromise, so if you have problems with them, go to the Uman who made them.
After writing the above, I reviewed the comments and see that I have a lot more to go. Bezras Hashem I will do so after Shabos.


still searching said...

You took a big vacation. I figured this must be one of those “dead” sites~ cool to see someone actually home~ or maybe you got smothered by that beanie? Or choked on a sticker? Or can’t remember if you’re up to naach or naachmaa? “Dirtied yourselves” wallow in dirt and you’ll become dirty- guaranteed!
Torah teaches us that it’s LIGHT; focus on that and you’ll become holy!
King Solomon taught us Tov Kelev HaChai.. That’s the biggest and best! If it weren’t, and one felt the need to find “the biggest and best” who’s IDIOTIC enough to judge our luminaries? Abraham Our Father who G-d called His Beloved; Isaac Our Father who was A Pure Sacrifice; Yaacov Our Father was Mitaso Shelaima; Moses the Faithful Shepherd; Samuel the Prophet; King David the Sweet Singer; the list is endless. If being Na Nach means deciding that “The best is Rabbi Nachman himself” than you all should be locked up in a loony bin with the key melted!
Wasn’t Rabbi Nachman a student of The Great Baal Shem Tov? Was he not part of a tradition dating 5000 years?
Breslov- it sounds like you want to start a new movement WHY blame it on Breslov?! While your term- if it’s not yours please share with us your source- “Dov-Dov judiasm happy rosy way” is certainly very descriptive, wouldn’t you tell everybody to go for the gold?
You write “myself have authored seforim on shas” when are you going to publish them? Which other areas of the Tora? What language? We will have to take your word that you yourself never finished Shas’ let alone Turim, and beside for the Saba- whom we have never met- don’t know
any Na Nach who has. So why do you write that it is unsubstantiated that Na Nachs don’t learn Tora? Please help us make some sense of your rambling! Reb Moshe F. Was an acknowledged Leader whom you seem to respect, so why are you evading the issue of who decides Na Nach halachic questions- does Na Nach accept Shulchan Aruch and IT’S authorities, or does screaming Na Nach louder rule? Did Uman make Tora scholars also, or are they outdated and extinct? If I accept Na Nach doesn’t that mean trashing everything held sacred and dear to my Gandfather, his father, his father’s father...

NaaNaach said...

About my big vacation and getting dirty. Until very recently I never was on the internet period. It is only because of my strong belief in the power of Na Nach Nachmu Nachmun MayUman that I found myself taking the bate to enter the complete stench that is the internet to try to salvage what can be salvaged and maybe even more. Therefore I'm still not so good at keeping ontop of this site.
Your problem that we selected Rabbi Nachman as the greatest, is not completely accurate. Rabbi Nachman himself said that he was the greatest. He said that at the age of 13 he reached the hasagot of his great grandfather the Baal Shem Tov, later he achieved much higher levels, towards the end of his life he said that every second he ascended to a level that made him completely embarrassed of his previous one. Rabbi Nachman openly said that a novelty such as himself never was and never will be until the coming of the Mushiach. These are just a few samples of what Rabbi Nachman was gracious to reveal to us. If you would like to discuss how to accept and understand these and similar proclamations I'd be happy to, but regarding the issue at hand, all the Na Nach do is believe Rabbi Nachman. Many such as myself studied in Yeshivos and were by Mekubalim and Admorim, and were completely turned off. We have seen and experienced first hand the salvation of Rabbi Nachman's words, and we have therefore every reason to believe him in all matters, but if you would like to discuss in depth why we should believe Rabbi Nachman in everything he says, I will be glad to accomodate bh"y.
Rabbi Nachman's way is not a continuation of any other way. Rabbi Nachman said explicitly that he is taking us on a utterly new way, even though it is in fact the old way. This furthers the idea that only the Na Nach's are loyal to Rabbi Nachman, because only the Na Nach's are unique in their devotion to G"y. The other so called Breslovers have many things which they try to be similar to other groups Jewish or otherwise.
The term Dov Dov Judiasm is mine, though I can't figure out what you want me to explain about going for the gold.
Some of the sforim I have already published are Dvorim Chadim on Perek Mirooba, and Dvorim Chadim on Shvuos Huaidus, also already publishe is Sefer Hachamisha on Chumash Biraishis. These like almost all of my other writings (a apx 270 page perush to Nefesh Hachaim, full notes on all of the Ramban al Hatora, a few more volumes of Dvorim Chadim al Hashas, Maftaichos Lisfray HaRamchal - used extensively by the so called 'leading' rabbis) are written in Lushon Hakodesh. As to your thing with the Turim, bh"y I'd really like to learn them however I already made it clear in the article that the Ramchal says literaly, G-d forbid that we should consume our time pursueing halacha (which includes Talmud), this is one of the things that led me to Na Nach, being that the Saba promoted learnin the sforim of Rabbi Nachman for the majority of the day, this needs to be discussed at great length, but for now suffice it to say that the whole reason that we study the Tora as we are commanded to by G-d, is because the Tora is G-ds name and by studying it we reveal G-d in this world. Therefore it is quite clear and obvious that we should be devoting our time and energy to studying the parts of the Tora that are the most capable of revealing G-d. In the time of the Ramchal, it was Kabala, in our times it is Rabbi Nachman. Therefore to me a person who boasts that he studied the entire Tur properly, unless I see that he was blessed with incredible divine inspiration etc. I will consider this person very defected. If you have a hard time understanding this please let me know and I will develop this further for you, it very important to understand this well, so well that you will practice it.
The Saba, and as related of his mentor Rabbi Yisroel Karduner, were zoche to know their Tora the real way, they gained the connection to Hashem and He granted them the knowledge. The Saba said that all the Roshay Yeshivas and the Gaonim don't even know what Gimara is. In other wards they are studying some sort of logic system and did not merit to enter the true study of the holy Tora. To get some appreciation for what is in fact the true study of Talmud, take a look (besides Rabbi Nachman's sforim) at the beginning of the Sefer Adir Bamorom from the Ramchal, then tell me which Rosh Yeshiva etc. you think was operating on such a plane. The Saba was, he's the real thing.
The question of who will rule halachic questions if we are not busy studying the halacha, was already posed to the Ramchal, take a look at his answer published in Igros Ramchal (if you'd like to discuss it further, I'd be more than happy).
My respect for Rabbi Moshe F. is primarily due to the fact that he gave his aprobation to the Saba and the Petek. Many people have asked me, do you think Rabbi Moshe went around saying Na Nach? The truth is it doesn't interest me what Rabbi M.F. did. Baruch Hashem we were zoche to know about Rabbi Nachman and spread his light, and Baruch Hashem Rabbi Moshe F. gave his aprobation, for as the Saba said if not for that aprobation people would call us heretics and do us great damage, now they can't do very much. Who and What Rabbi Moshe F. was, is not my issue, my issue is to get to know Rabbi Nachman and his word better, if I meet up with Rabbi MF once in a while, great.
Accepting Na Nach will definitely redifine many fundamental issues. For example introducing the way of the Zohar taught specificly by Rabbi Nachman not to look for stringencies, and on the contrary go with the easy way (the Chazon Ish in his sefer on emuna, seemingly says just the opposite, and I'll leave it at that). Imagine how different Judiasm would look if the masses would follow such a prescription. People would have to really try to have some inner value, becaus no longer would life be a game of showing one's stamina for stringencies. At the same time what todays observant Jews would consider absolute mayhem, would be rampant. People eating food with the most basic hechsher, buying lulaving and esrogim in five minutes, amenties of Shabbos etc. etc....
Na Nach is just beginning. Na Nach is unique, and every Na Nach is unique. Na Nach is real Judiasm.