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Monday, March 3, 2008

It's All In The Numbers. Over the Counter.

The Zohar Hakodesh on this weeks parsha (brought in Chok Liyisroel for Sunday) Pikuday notes the importance of counting and measuring all the donations to the Mishkan, even though in general counting is derogatory (because it brings limit to what is being counted and makes it more vunerable to the evil eye), by the donations, by announcing the sums and the rejoicing of the rememberance of their philanthropy, the divine spirit is drawn into the mishkan.
Today there are counters on many things, e.g. sites. Besides the damage caused by what one sees and gets dirty from visiting a site from the other side, there is also the counter that goes up, that the other side counts one more power to their side. Until little by little the other side boasts of thousands and millions of people that are patronizing them. When someone does not visit or log on to their sites, this is in itself an action of combat not allowing the other side to gain that extra vote.
Now we can see the tremendous importance of every visit and log on to a na nach site, that besides for the infinite gains of touching base with the Kingdom of G-d, their is the great joy to see the numbers growing on our side, and this draws the holy spirit into our work.

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