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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Be Smart Don't Work

Now it is very misappropriate to say that Na Nachs have a philosophy, because that word is a no no, however this is probably as close as your going to get.
Everyone knows Rabbi Nachman always stresses that the amount of work a person does is considered folly as the Zohar says shutu huam etc. etc. Here I just want to share with you a Gemura that we learned yesterday in Chok Liyisroel (Pikuday, Monday, Miseches Shabos 153): Even King Solomon said in his wisdom (koheles 9) at all times your clothes should be white and the oil on your head should not be withheld, Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakai said a parable to a king who invited his servants to a party and didn't set a time, the intelligent ones adorned themselves and sat at the entrance of the house of the king, they said: is there anything lacking at the kings house. The foolish ones went to their work, they said: is it possible to have a party without toil. Suddenly the king requested his servants, the intelligent ones entered before him, adorned. The foolish ones entered before him as they were - dirty. The king greeted the intelligent with rejoicing, and the foolish with anger. He said these that adorned themselves for the party will sit and eat and drink, these that did not adorn themselves for the party will stand and observe. The soninlaw of Rabbi Meir said in the name of Rabbi Meir, even then they appear to be helping out, the correct version is that both will sit, these will eat and these will starve, these will drink and these will thirst, as it says in the Issiah (65) So says Hashem Behold my servants will eat and you will starve, behold my servants will drink and you will thirst, behold my servants will rejoice from good heart and you will scream from heart pain.
The last words I'm sure will be greatly appreciated by Dun and others.
Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!

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