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Friday, March 7, 2008

Danger Giving Advice Other Than NaNach

This is the second time I'm writing this so it's going to be condensed. Today we learned in Likutay Eitzos (30) that it is very dangerous to lead people and tell them what to do, not to mention if the person taking the leadership is on worthy etc. but even real true tzadikim are in sever danger when giving over advice or saying 'tora' in public. They can be guilty of stealing, molesting, and killing, may the Holy Merciful One save us.
There is no doubt that we must go out and publicize the message of Rabbi Nachman, who told his chasidim that he wanted them to make special trips just to go speak to people. Certainly the only real chasidim, not to mention Bresluver Chasidim, are the Na nach, so it is upon us to spread the holy light of Rabbi Nachman, and we can only do it the way we know how. Therefore we must do our utmost to follow the way of Saba who completely negated his opinion, mind, and body to accept Rabbi Nachman's. We must try to give over only what we believe is true to Rabbi Nachman.
Rabbi Nachman himself avoided telling people what to do, leaving them the final decision, certainly we shouldn't (except in the case of friends, in which we find Rabbi Nussun strengthening himself with his friend to do exactly what had to be done, this is what we find in Uvos that in some aspects a friend is more important than a rebbe, thus it teaches make for yourself a rebbe but you should be buy a friend (even though there are other explanations to this mishna, definitely according to many of the simple interpretations the mishna is teaching this) however it is clear that the advice is coming from a friend, if it is a friend, and its advice to strengthen oneself in the tzadik, go for it). We must just dish out the Rebbes tora. One of the good things about Na Nach is that you can't go wrong. It is always applicable and always the right thing to say. So we should be zoche to do a lot of Na nach!

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