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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Na Nach Beanies

The classy white designer Na Nach beanie complete with tassel pompom has stolen the show. It has been referred to as the 'kova yishuos' (hat of salvation, cf Anim Zmiros). This skullcap is a takeoff of the traditional white one worn by the jews of Jerusalem, which is quite simple compared to the elaborate one worn by our master Rabbi Nachman (pictures of it are available, and I believe someone actually possesses the actual Kipa worn by Rabbi Nachman). The Na Nach Beanie has greatly sanctified Hashems name. Chazal say that one of the main zichus which the children of Israel had to be redeemed from Egypt was that they retained their Jewish attire (they are also tremendously faulted for valuing and envying the garments of the Egyptians as the verse says that the Israelites took from the Egyptians gold and garments, equating the garments to treasure). There probably could not be a more distinctive way of expressing one loyalty, commitment, and devotion to G-d, than by donning a Na Nach Beanie! It is estimated that thousands of Jewish men and children wear a Na Nach Beanie to sleep. This is also a big milestone, because not everyone wears a kipa to sleep in the first place, and here they're doing it in style! More over Rabbi Nachman teaches that night is the aspect of faith and belief as it says in Psalm, 'and your Emuna at night' (Shlomo Carlbach told over frequently in the name of Alexander that the verse is proclaiming G-d belief in us! This is most certainly a central theme of Na Nach), so it is very befitting to wear a Na Nach kipa as a shluf yarlmuka! Even the so called cheelonim - secular Jews - have been taken by the Na Nach beanie. My friends tell me that when they drive a Na Nach van to a cheelonee school the Na Nach Beanies are sold out immediately. It says in Sefer Hamidot that it is very special to wear the hat of a tzadik, and here is wonderful a application and fulfillment of this. What perplexes me a little is the virile animosity the misnagdim - opposers - have against the Na Nach beanie. What bothers them so much? It must be that when they see the Na Nach beanie they are confronted and convinced of the victory of Na Nach.


still searching said...

Great to see you back at work. I hope all was well. You write “The Na Nach Beanie has greatly sanctified Hashems name.” do you care to clarify? If Reb Nachman
didn’t wear one are we sanctifying His name more than the Rebbe did? How is this “the hat of a tzadik”?

NaaNaach said...

The Na Nach beanie greatly sanctifies Hashems name, because it is a real time display of G-d ways. The Na Nach beanie is distinctly Na Nach, this is a celebration of faith and belief in G-d as prescribed by Rabbi Nachman. [Rabbi Nachman made it very clear that sanctifying the name of the tzadik is sanctifying the name of Hashem, if this is new to you and you would like to know more about this, let me know]. Rabbi Nachman didn't reveal that he was The Song until 1922, if you would like a discussion as to reasons why, please let me know, but in any event that it is the fact so wearing, writing, saying etc. Na Nach is up to us (the Saba contrary to the baseless attacks of the ignorant, did have a Na Nach beanie, the Saba's son showed it to the chevra in Uman some of them even tried it on). It doesn't seem to hard to understand that a Kipa designed, created, and worn for the Tzadik, and sports the Tzadiks name, is considered the hat of the tzadik.