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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Adventures of travelling to Uman for Rosh Hashana 77

Checked in a bag 25.5 kilo inside was 16 kilo of the booklet  Rabbi Nachman of Breslov; Who He Was & What He Said - 300 copies, 2.5 kilo overweight, BH they didn't say anything - at the exact same time they told the person next to me that they must reduce the weight of their suitcase and take things out. Also they let me by with a bag of about half a box of the booklet besides for my carry-on and laptop. BH. So I was inviting and encouraging everyone to come to Uman. After I passed customs there was another official who I invited to Uman and she asked but you're going to Berlin (I was very early for my flight and probably all those there were going to Berlin) - so the lady from the customs opens up her cubical and sticks out her head and says, "no, he's going to Uman!" NNNNM!

El Al made the check in in a terminal 1, which is an added schlep, but it turned out for the best because the WiFi there is much much faster and I was able to upload probably over 20 Gig. (of private Nanach videos for those who merit), BH.

On the flight the girl who was supposed to sit next to me decided to find another seat even against the flight attendants first wishes, as I watched amused and laughed hard enough for mlthe benefit of perhaps the entire airplane, and they replaced her with a young professor of economics from the Golan who told me that he was in Uman two years ago and that he was a big fan, and he was very pro inculcating Rabbainu into the education system.

On the way to Uman, a first timer said that they thought it was a six hour drive, and we laughed - it's only three, then a tire busted (-this was our tikun chatzoas) and we had to put on a spare and proceeded at 70-80 kph. It took us probably around 4.5 hours.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman

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MC said...

Sholom U'Brocho!

IY"H i hope to arrive with my bechor on Motz"sh / Sunday morning early.

Much love

Moshe Chaim