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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Slichos - missing the boat

In Elul the sphardim are saying slichos every night and the Ashkenazim start a week before Rosh Hashana. Slichos are supposed to be said "bi-ashmoaress haboker" in the early hours before the morning, because most of the world live their lives completely backwards and stay up late every night, they conduct the slichos at midnight, when it is permissible to do so. However besides for the fact that their midnight is more than an hour before the real midnight of Rabbainu which is six hours after nightfall, the whole thing is almost the antithesis of teshuva. HY created the world for people to sleep in the first half of the night and wake up at midnight, and they are mamash doing the opposite, and in the name of repentance they are going even further to promote a completely fallacious practice and way of life. There are occasions when a person would be warranted to do slichos at midnight, but in general and for the masses, although it is very beautiful that they are getting together to pray, but what they should really be doing is sleeping. Hashem Yisburach is great and merciful and hopefully He will take the good elements from this general backward practice and bring the world to true repentance. NNNNM

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