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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Be Happy


For some years already it has become popular B"H to promote spending time thanking HY in detail for all the good things we have going for us. This has of course many fringe benefits, one of which is more satisfaction with what one has, and even joy. Even still this is also a devotion and task which entails a complete procedure of things one must do: come up with the positive points and do the thanking, and as such it can also be a chore and cumbersome, and can also be an impediment, as if one needs to do this thanking in order to be in good standing. So let me introduce B"H something more basic and fundamental - just sitting and being happy as Rabbainu said that it is a great mitzva to always be happy (In Yiddish there is such a concept of kvelling - just sitting and seeping delight "shepping nachas" - which is a derivative, but not necessarily the bud itself, a person can find plenty of delight in things and yet not be happy. In fact the Talmud points out that on Shabbos the Torah commands us to have Oaneg - delight, and on Yom Tov - holidays - to have "simcha" - happiness and joy - they are two things (Rabbainu revealed that even on Shabbos the main thing is "simcha")). So just take a moment, and feel happy. Be happy with HY as it says in Psalms - Israel shall rejoice with his Maker.

And when things are just not working out, and they are just beyond your control or ability, take a moment and just be happy. And even if G"F you have just failed or feel you are a failure, just take a moment and be happy.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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