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Monday, October 10, 2016

More travel adventures


The flight from Kiev to Israel was 11 am, so I ordered a taxi in Uman for 5:30 – the trip is 3 hours. There were delays and I only arrived at the airport at about 9:15. After replacing my Nanach rings after passing security I soon realized that I somehow lost one, may HY replace it speedily (this is apparently a מקום מיועד לפורעניות – a place of misfortune – because previously I had lost some cable by the security, but B”H I retrieved it). On the way I had done an online check in, but I still had a bag to give them, so I was waiting in the line, up ahead there were problems they were charging someone for his baggage and for overweight and he wasn't giving in so easily, and meanwhile people had found ways around the side, and I remained stuck till about 10:25 when my plane had already started boarding. So I step up and the lady tells me that I have to pay $60 for a bag, and I try telling her that the UKRAINIAN AIR website states explicitly that the first bag is free – but to no avail. Meanwhile it is already 10:35, and the guy behind me is extremely jittery and begging me to just let him go. So I give her my credit card to pay the 60, but in the Ukraine they need you to key in your code, and I haven't used it in years, I try something, but it didn't work, I open my laptop dig into a file, find some more codes, no go. Meanwhile the lady had printed out a boarding pass for me – either based on my online check in, or figuring that my credit card was going to go through. So now she hands me my credit card and my passport and boarding pass – it's 10:40, and I ask her what to do, and she just shrugs helplessly. So I strengthen myself with the power of the holy petek, and I proceeded to security where they stop me and say no you can't take this – B”H from my vast experience and faith, I knew that they were just referring to the cart, so I left the cart behind and barreled down to the gate with my knapsack, laptop, suitcase, and bag of food. At the gate I had to pass by two more inspections, and I proceeded to the plane, where once again I was stopped, and they asked me to wait outside with my suitcase, but B”H they just put in the cabin, and I picked it up from the conveyor belt.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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