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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Succa the aspect of Tachanun

It seems to me that Succa has the aspect of Tachanun when we raise 'mah"n' (ma-yin nukvin - feminine waters), in Tachanun to do this we must lower our souls etc. but on Succos we are encompassed by Eema, and the Ushpizin are the mah"n. This can be why the Ramchal directs one to shake the lulav and do hallel in the Succa even if it means praying shacharis alone. The shaking of the lulav is the aspect of bringing the 'mah"d' (ma-yin duchrin - male waters), even though this is still at the building stage before the conjugation which only takes place at the end - it is still the aspect of the role of yesod as Rabbi Nussun writes explicitly in Likutay Halachos (Laws of Succah 1).
This is why Succos is called rishon licheshbon avoanos (the first day of the reckoning of sins). Because the mah"n and expansion of holiness which is produced draws from the border of holiness, as is known, and this is the secret of Binyumin, who is the aspect of mah"n and the aspect of the Land of Israel, see Likutay Moharan Torah 48 where Rabbainu revealed that Succa is the aspect of Israel and the aspect of drawing offspring (prayer) from the potential of good and bad (yitzeera litav yitzeera liveesh).

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