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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Before 7 years old

HH this guy came to the holy Tzion with his son, he was a little stressed because he had wanted to bring his son before the son turned seven to take advantage of Rabbainu's guarantee but their original flight was pushed off and they came only on the birthday. So there's a mass here ck who gave him encouragement telling him things like Rabbainu is not stringent and that the main thing is that he had mesiras nefesh to come ....

A lot of sheker worthy of such a person.... If Rabbainu says before 7 you got to come before 7.

However in this case there are some variables to consider. 1. In halacha many times the age of one year or three years is actually a year and a day - now this can get very complicated and I'm not going to go through the thing now, but it is something to consider. 2. They did try to come before and there is a rule in halacha that when a person was prevented by circumstances beyond his abilities it is considered as if they actually did what they had set out to have done. Here too there is much to debate.

This mass is very concerned about the holy name oof Rabbainu which is prominently displayed on various walls inside and outside the holy tomb. He asked Peretz to erase them or paint over them. May the holy merciful One G-d protect us from him and the likes of him.

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