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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the land (Isiah 43:6 - Likutay Moharan Torah 30)


This verse is brought down and expanded upon by Rabbainu in the Torah that I was learning, so no surprise when in the early evening a car pulls up all the way to my somewhat remote humble Azamra Nanach Shtiebel, and a couple with their child come searching for someone who can speak to them in English and tell them about Rabbi Nachman.

Can't take responsibility for complete accuracy and also I have to be brief B"H you should merit to hear the full amazing version.

The father is a chemical engineer who became an attorney, and they knew about nothing more than the fact that they are Jewish. They were living first in Brooklyn where a neighbor with a very large family was moving to Israel and gave the mother a box full of volumes of the holy Zohar, he told her that he discerned that she was special so he was leaving these holy books for her, and even though she couldn't read Hebrew she should spend time just gazing at the holy pages. She took him up on it. The  next year their daughter was born --- 14 years ago.

The mother (who is a direct descendant of the Noda BiYihuda, which she told when she was blown away when off the cuff I recounted Rabbainu's parable about the treasure under the bridge, and for some reason I added that the bridge was in Prague -- they had just been there, and now they found the treasure here NNNNM!!!) at one point began reading the Torah in English and the Zohar in English everynight at midnight. Once about 6 years ago while reading she reached out in heartfelt prayer to the Shechina and was answered personally, part of what she was told was to read the holy Zohar.

About 3 years ago the daughter started being visited in her dreams by a holy rabbi who identified himself as the dancing rabbi! The Rabbi told her that she should dance and do somersaults. The Rabbi also told her that she should go and live in Israel. Specifically the Rabbi came to her in her dreams on her birthday 3 years ago, and on every birthday since. So the girl persuaded her parents and they came to Israel for a month or 6 weeks. They were mainly in Jerusalem and it was uneventful. The next year they came again after the girls birthday and at the end of the visit they were on their way to tsfat, made a wrong turn and ended up at Rashbi. There someone told them that the dancing Rabbi was probably Saba Yisroel, and told them that the next time they came they should go to Tiveria (I didn't understand this guys idea, there are much more Nanach in Meron.... and where exactly in Tiveria will they meet up with the Nanach?). So this time around they came straight to Tiveria and had some Divine help finding and renting an apartment (when they thought they might have to pay $300 a night for a hotel), and they were here for 3 weeks.

Last night they came to holy tomb of Rabbi Akiva and the Ramchal and someone pointed them to my direction knowing that I speak English.

B"H we spoke for about 2 hours, they were completely amazed how so much of what they had so desperately wanted to know is in fact very readily available, except Rabbainu's way is that a person has to first get past all types of impediments and darkness.

B"H this is just the very beginning of the story.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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