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Monday, January 5, 2015

Charity brings security!


A friend of mine here in Tiberias went away for Shabbos, before leaving he brought me a few snacks for Shabbos, junk food that I do not usually indulge in, however I was happy to accept them, and put off the consideration of whether or not I was going to eat them or pass them on to the many Nanach guests that were coming.
Friday night -- in middle of the night, maybe even the wee early hours of the morning, I was hit with some cravings, and I popped out the snacks, in honor of the holy Shabbos, of course.

When my friend returned home after Shabbos, he discovered that a thief had broken in to his home, and had taken some trifles from his wife's jewelry, his assessment is that the thief panicked and made a quick exit. The thief took a few inexpensive trifles and overlooked a gold bracelet sitting right there, and $200 in a little container also right there. So chances are that my little party interfered with his heist.

So one of the many morals of the story is that you should always give your friends junk food in honor of the Shabbos.

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