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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Harvesting the bounty of Heaven - the field - with Song

This morning I was translating Rabbi Nussun's second introduction to Rabbi Nachman's Stories of Ancient Times, and he brings from the Holy Sefer HaBahir (brilliant light) which is quoted in the Zohar
.. And look in the book of the Bahir (62-63, brought) in the omissions (#44) of the Zohar (Torah portion of) Beraishis (265b its place, pg. 49a), for what is written there regarding, "Come my beloved, let us go out to the field (Song of Songs 7:12)" etc.: a parable 
So doing my homework I dutifully checked the source, and saw that Rabbi Nussun skipped over a very interesting revelation on this verse, "do not read it as the field (suddeh) but as the song (sheerah)!" That is where it is where our reunion with HY is happening in the song!

The Ramchal explains (beginning of Adir BaMurom) how the Shechina is in the fields, and that is why the Rashbi and his students would always go out into the fields to study the Torah, and almost all the secrets of the Zohar are from such escapades. The Ramchal says that even when one is sitting in his house, in order to access and be in tune with the supernal worlds he must create for himself the spiritual atmosphere of the field. This is obviously part of why Rabbainu was insistent that everyone goes out every day (especially at night after sleeping and getting up for midnight) into the fields.

From this Sefer HaBahir we have better understanding of what Saba said that often when he used to go out to the fields with other Breslovers, while they were doing their hisbodidus with HY, he was singing and dancing. The field and the song are the same aspect, the song is the completion of the field! Those who plant the field with tears, reap the harvest (michatzdei chakla as explained in Adir BaMurom there) with song!!! Awesome!

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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