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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tachanun (prayer of falling on one's face after the shmone esray)


The custom in Breslov is to say the real Tachanun, i.e. Psalms 25, and on the left hand - the one wrapped with the tefilin.

Because the idea of Tachanun is to lower one's soul to the lower worlds to bring up from there the holy elements, many were scared to do this all the way, therefore the Ashkanazim opted to use a different Psalm 6 - so that a person doesn't actually go all the way into this rectification, and the Sfardim, while using the right Psalm, do not fall on their face. Rabbainu enacted that we do this tikun completely and properly. Even still if one is not committed to give this prayer is soul and his heart, it would be better for him, in that instance, to follow the masses and just go along without getting embroiled in this Tikun.

It seems to me, that the lowly places where in previous good times were only visited during Tachanun, are common to the daily experiences most of us have HY. Of course even for us there are lower places, but in the general scheme of things, basically we are pretty much there at the bottom (Asiya d'asiya...). Therefore, on the contrary, the hope of the masses lies specifically in doing the Tachanun in the complete manner and procedure instituted. Since in any event we have fallen to these places (which even the greatest Tana-im did not want to experience), precisely this prayer in it's pure form and fashion, are the call of the day to adress full on the tikun we must do, and retain our holiness, and rise above B"H.

It is interesting to note that Rabbi Elazar Hagadol, was a master of the Tachanun, and it is Rabbi Elazar Hagadol that promotes the Night Service of Arviss, teaching how a person should pay most special attention and consideration to this prayer. This prayer correlates to the darkness of our current exilt.

That which Rabbi Sadia Gaon revealed to Rabbainu that we should fall on our left hand, even though it is wrapped in the holy tefilin, is also I think a practice for our times, when our entire life, in all it's holiness is in a very low place. So we are going with the tefilin even there. However, there is no excuse G"F to bring the holy tefilin any lower, like e.g. chabad who put the holy tefilin on people without a single word or mention that one must not have any bad thoughts or pass gas while wearing tefilin (not to mention the people often have not even washed their hands as prescribed by our Sages in the morning, making it forbidden for them to touch anything, let alone the tefilin. There are other violations, but those are very outstanding and critical). Basically they are throwing the highest sanctity in to the klipos (evil husks) and who knows how much the exile is being lengthened due to their cruelity (feeding on the honor and recognition of the masses). Rabbainu says, fall on your tefilin straps, but no more than that HY.

There are things that mamash boggle my mind when I say the Tachanun, I will share a few here:

1. "Elokay" - my G-d. Do I actually have such a direct relationship and knowledge of HY, speaking to him directly with this title?! Even though in all the blessings we are saying directly to HY, "attu" (You), which also should be mind-boggling, even still, we are used to it, and it is does not say this whole title - MY PERSONAL G-d. Even the forefathers, who did not stop thinking of HY even for once second, 24/7, not even in their sleep, would not have HY call himself Their G-d, until their passing from the world. And here....

2. "Deruchecha Hashem" -- this I believe to indicate the 26 Deruchim of YHVH, we are asking to be privy to these, unbelievable....

3. His soul will lean in good. "tullin" -- lean - has the numerical value of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman (with the inclusion)!

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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