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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Use the Rabbis for Kapparos


How many times have we heard the ridiculous claim that men shouldn't leave their wives and families to go to Uman for Rosh Hashana. The problem is that our lives have become so mundane and bereft of meaning that Rosh Hashana conjures up just another holiday to be spent with the family, and an extra hour in the synagogue. Once, even the misnagdem had trepidation even by hearing the word elul - the month preceding Rosh Hashana. Such an awesome day when HY is coronated as King (the actual coronation takes place of course in Uman), and everything is judged, every fraction of pain and pleaser, life and death, wealth and poverty etc.. If we had any conception whatsoever how critical a judgment this is, we would be running to Uman to Rabbainu, no quibling...

Now, before Yom Kippur we are strongly recommended to do Kapparos with a chicken as a redemption to our soul, kapparos are even done for the fetus in the mother's stomach -- and since it is unknown if the fetus is male of female, two chickens are used, male and female. So obviously this isn't based solely on the merit of the sins of a person, but on a higher scale of the true standing of one's soul in the general scheme of HY's master plan. This little ceremony has become a mass produced assembly line procedure, so B"H let us thank the fraudulent leaders and other sensationalists for raising our conscious on this issue. Before doing the kapparos think, how is your soul different than a chicken?! Why should the chicken die for your soul?! And immediately realize that the chicken does not and cannot ask this quesion, and that itself is the answer, and proceed to do the kapparos. The chicken was going to die eventually anyway, everything in this world does, it will now miss out on a year of pecking in the dirt, but will have achieved a higher purpose and meaning -- protecting the well-being of a Jewish soul. Both will have now achieved a huge rectification. Balk at going through with the kapparos, and both will G"F be reduced to dirt peckers, and alas the rabbis and social activists will have won the equal rights they are so set upon, while garnishing their new honor and power over their flock.

There is great gravity to our existence, many people in the world suffer enormously HY, and almost everyone suffers to some degree, and there is the future generation, and the future world. There are responsabilities and fatal reckoning. In the drop of a hat - or a dime, one's life can be turned around for the good or the better. Serious stuff.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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