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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Make {for} Yourself A Rabbi

There is no group which propounds the concept of the tzaddik more than Breslov. Rabbainu revealed that everything but everything is completely contingent on the tzaddik. So it is amazing that in the third Torah of Likutay Moharan, Rabbainu brings the famous dictum from Ethics of Our Fathers which commands, "Make for yourself a rabbi." This dictum is often prominently presented as the absolute proof that it is incumbent to have a rabbi, something that should be very welcome to Breslov, who argue that very point, that everyone must take Rabbainu as their Rebbe, so it is amazing that Rabbainu explains this dictum in the exact opposite, saying that the mishna is saying that, "make yourself a rabbi!" I.e. build your own identity, character, and personality (Malchus). This is a beautiful opening into understanding the true role and concept of the rabbi-tzaddik. Society loves rabbis, because they are part and parcel of the corrupt devolvement of humanity. A community hires a rabbi, offering him a salary, power, and prestige, and in return they are absolved of so much unwanted responsibility, now the rabbi will answer forthem all the questions they don't want to answer, whether it is what job to take, or whether or not to undergo surgery, and so forth. So they feed each other to mutual detriment, the rabbi is a sicko living for artificial honor and money, to cultivate a community in a way that they will never mature properly, and never confront themselves.
The real tzaddik is just the opposite, although he is definitely providing amazing support, he is totally not trying to live and decide the lives of others, on the contrary, he will give them even more responsibility. This what we see here in Torah 3, that the true Tzaddik, doesn't pounce on this dictum to assert and promote his hold over the people, but pushes it on the people to force them to get a grip on their lives and build their own reign. [This is similar to the story Rabbainu told of the guy who dreamed of a treasure buried under a far away bridge, upon going there he found out that it was in his own closet. The tzaddik is the bridge, a person has to come to the tzaddik to find his own self].
The messiah that people are always talking about is societies idea of some super grand contemporary rabbi who will tell them exactly what to do, every single question they have in life, when to get up, how much to sleep, what job to take, who to marry, everything he will answer for them and they will have such a wonderful carefree life of post Messianic era.... Even if the real Messiah would make his grand entrance into the world today the majority of the people would have the messiah relegated to this task GF, so how can he come?! Basically they want to remain immature children without any personality or character. Rabbainu says cone to me and I will give you even more problems and responsibility, and I will show you how to be king. The king is in the field, hisbodidus and music and all the advice and teachings of Na Nach that empower a person to rule for himself over his kingdom. This is in itself redemption, the Messiah will just cement the way.
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