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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Shimshon Pincus went Breslov the last two years of his life

HH there's a guy here in Uman - Ettinger - by the Rebbe who was Shimshon's chavrusa and helped him with things, he told me that SP managed to go twice to Uman and he put aside most of his commitments and lived away from his family and was engaged in hisbodidus and Rabbainu's holy teachings. This guy even has SPs Likutay Halachos with his glosses.
Shimshon Pincus's mother was my grandfather's sister.
Shimshon Pincus obm became extremely famous in the Jewish world - but this is something the world wasn't interested in knowing... But BH the truth comes out, he was rapidly on his way to NNNNM

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