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Monday, August 29, 2016

Don't be a goody-goody - not even with HY -- from this weeks Parsha


It says in this weeks Parsha - Ri-ay - it is an entire verse of 5 words:

לא תעשון כן לה' אלקיך

Do not do "yes" to Hashem your G-d. The simple meaning is do not do "so" - what the previous verses were talking about, the destroying of idolatry. However since this is a complete verse onto itself, it must definitely be understood to be an independent directive - do not do "yes" to Hashem Yisburach, don't be a "yes-man" a goody goody. True we must do our best to do exactly what HY desires of us, but we must always be aiming to open and connect with our hearts - רחמנא ליבא בעי - HY desires the heart, and even though this is not to detract from our responsibility and obligations GF as some would have it, on the contrary it is a stronger demand of our servitude and utter devotion to HY, even still it shows the direction of where and how our devotions should be tuned.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman

1 comment:

Eligalit said...

This is so deep. Today the real servitude of Hashem is through Rebbeinu, Breslev - Lev Basaar (Heart of flesh).
I don't want to put everyone else down, but Judaism is dead or at the very least heartless without Rebbe Nachman.