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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ner Tamid burns out on the tenth of Av


Sometime last night – on the tenth of Av – the time remembered every year as the time that the holy temple – Beis Hamikdash – burned down. The new Ner Tamid (little continuous flame) above the doors to the holy tzion burned out. This new Ner Tamid was inaugurated a few weeks ago – it was filled to the top with olive oil, and burned continuously till the tenth of Av (yesterday I gave notice to one of the people who initiated the ner tamid, but he shrugged it off saying it was still good for another day, and as is the way of Rabbainu, I did not harp on him, even though I had a feeling that this is what would happen, it would extinguish at such an inauspicious

To understand how this amazingly reflects the destruction of the temple – the victory of the Luminary of Fire over the Luminary of Light – see Likutay Moharan, Torah 67.

B”H the Ner Tamid was rekindled a few hours ago!

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!!!

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