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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


we had here at the holy tomb Michael of Moshav Modiin (Shlomo Carlbach) with his youngest son of his triplets B"H.

This morning before singing the morning song (, I almost didn't, because it is hard for me to stand (due to my left foot...), and the mss S.K. was here who has threatened to kill me.... B"H these impediments didn't stop me. Then in middle of my singing one of the visitors -- a beardless fellow who comes on occasion, grasped my arm strongly and warned me not to scream (he knew what was coming), b"H this didn't stop me from giving the song the full strength it deserved, so this fellow approached me to through his hot coffee on me, but B"H he first asked the people around for their ok, and they said no, and thus I was spared.

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