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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Restoration of the Soul -- Essentials of Rabbi Nachman from the holy book Meshivas Nefesh


Free download:

Front cover of the Light of Nanach:!AIc0Rawb!OWdBSNnoPn2OwnF2Q54kWEb-qR1cV3w-oxZzOOn7xmQ

The Light of Nanach:!gU1j2CIa!qJlyrW8-mUL4CINMgqsDpA-tbemVAYHdI4d4C2T-2KY

Message from the translator - S.M.:

I recently printed 10,000 copies of translation of parts of Mahsivas Nefesh (see attached). They are sitting on next to my house (Jerusalem) in 20 boxes around 500 in a box. I am looking for people to distribute them. I am willing to give a box free to someone involved in serious hafatza if they think they could distribute them properly.

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