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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Get real NNNNM!

HH people need so much a loving touch, a caress from a friend or a lover. Think about it, how pathetic it is that they are so dependent on this. A person has to be a lot stronger than that. If he can't get past this how will he ever get anywhere?


Eligalit said...

If you were there, then how can you say that? and if you were not there then how can you say that?
Reminds me of the Chareidi youth who runs to buy a black hat for his kippa seruga father?

Eligalit said...

oh, forgot to mention NaNach :)

NaaNaach said...

HH not sure what you're getting at, explain. NNNNM

Eligalit said...

Maybe, i didn't understand what your saying.

I understood from your writing that you are criticizing those people who are looking for love and affection and telling them to be stronger. I then went on to compare this criticism to a person that has reached a certain level of achievement in his eyes and then looking down on those that didn't get to where he is. (Thus the example of the guy who became frumer than his father and demonstrating to his father that he is of lesser avodah)

I would say that to reach the strength that you are taking about is davka the opposite.

I'll explain.

When a person realizes how much he needs the love and affection of others, he then learns to realize how much others also have that need. He then will develop a need to grow in his love to become a giver. When he sees how much Hashem yitborach loves him and believes in him ("raba Emunatecha") even though he does what he does, then his love grows so much more for Hashem and wants to do His will and pay back (so to speak). So to with friends.

NaaNaach said...

HH OK with what your saying, and its good to give love, and it is also pathetic to be reliant and dependant on a little patsie. NNNNM