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Sunday, June 14, 2015



Korach told Moshe (16:13)
המעט כי העליתנו מארץ זבת חלב ודבר להמיתנו במדבר כי תשתרר עלינו גם השתרר
It is it not enough.... that you make take rule (office) over us as well

The Meshech Chuchma (Litvak Rabbi of Dvinsk) says a beautiful insight. We find in the mishna (Yuma 7:1 and Sota 7:7-8) that when the High Priest or King would read from the Torah before the multitudes, the Torah would be taken out by the President of the Synagogue, who would give it to the Assistant High Priest, who would give it to the High Priest, who would give it to the King. All of this was to bring more honor to the King.

This is what Korach accused Moshe, saying that Moshe was creating new offices and positions between him and the people, only to bring himself all the additional honor which comes with the appointment of every new station.

From this one should learn practically to inculcate different progressions of supernal worlds in his meditations and prayers to G-d. Before speaking to HY, or meditating of His existence, one can gain profoundly heightened consciousness by simply reviewing in his mind quickly the hierarchy of the seven heavens and seven heichulos (chambers).

There is another advantage as well, usually in order to fly one needs to first take some small jumps in progression. Similarly, at least for beginners, it might be hard to bind oneself directly to the Ein Sof B"H immediately, but by first grabbing higher cognizance one at a time, maybe B"H he will be able to go all the way to the Ein Sof B"H.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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