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Wednesday, June 10, 2015



All sin, bad thoughts, negativity, it all stems from a person's despair, giving up, failing to believe that he will hear G-d personally in the near future. If a person would really be expecting and full of hope that he would experience the Divine then there would be no way he'd fall to depression and sin, on the contrary he would excited, happy, and productive.

The holy sages revealed that even the greatest sinner is beloved by his Creator, and literally in a split second can change his status to that of righteousness. Obviously the odds are kind of against him, mainly because of his own despair. Even a regular person is challenged to keep high faith that he will merit to an extremely blatant relationship with HY.

The more a person spends in hisbodidus with HY, the more he will learn first hand how much his life is actually in direct synchronization as a communication with HY. He will begin to appreciate more and more the hand of G-d in all of his life. He will begin to feel HY's touch. He will begin to understand that no matter where he fell or find himself he can and should feel the most intimate relationship with HY. In this way he can be full of faith and find himself full of positive thoughts and productivity.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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