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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lost Princess - Winds of Despair

HH previously I posted in the name of Fried how the place of NoGood was on account that there was no desire there. This Shabbos I came across an amazing thing which is even more profound and critically blatant. In the Perush of Bris Menucha it says (chapter 11) that the angel in charge of the winds has three under him, one of them is Azae'l! This angel has the same name (- hence affiliation in function) of the arch evil nemesis who argued before G-d against the creation of man, which Rabbi Nussun explains at length is the voice inside which demands GF to give up and despair. This could very well be the wind that carried of the princess!
There is more for this to be developed, for at the beginning the princess went by carriage.... But it is hard for me to write especially with my thumbs....

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