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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Importance of Bringing the Holy Tomb of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov to Jerusalem


In the holy book The Life of Our Leader Rabbi Nachman ("Cha-yay Moharan" - a book accepted by everyone, and its veracity is unquestionable), article 162, Rabbi Nachman is quoted as saying before his passing away that he would have liked to travel again to Israel to pass away (-to be buried - in those days there was no such thing as moving graves to Israel), but it just isn't a realistic option, and therefore he concedes to be buried in Uman.

The Halacha is explicit that it is a good and proper thing to bring the holy tombs of the holy tzadikim to Israel, it is further brought down that even if the deceased had ordered not to bring him, it is still a good and proper thing to bring his tomb.

Rabbi Avrohom ben Huran <son of Rabbi Nachman of Tulchin, a prime disciple of Rabbi Nussun> writes in various places explicitly that Rabbi Nachman's tomb in Uman is only temporary, for Rabbi Nachman's real and only place is the Holy Land.

Saba Yisroel and Shmuel Horowitz dedicated tremendous effort to this end, and Saba successfully procured permission from both the Ukraine and Israel to do so, but within an hour of the announcement on the radio, various "breslov rabbis" and haredi members of knesset managed to repeal and revoke the permission.

Even Moses, who our Sages revealed that his burial spot was specially created at the beginning of the creation of the world, even still Moshe prayed incessantly to merit to be buried in the Holy Land.

Another strong proof that Rabbainu ultimately chooses Israel as his final resting place, is what Rabbainu declared, "I was victorious, and I will be victorious!" Rabbainu revealed (Likutay Moharan Torah 20) that true victory is only by making it to the Holy Land, and thus he rightfully claimed victory because he had in fact made it to the Holy Land, and thus when he said that he will yet be victorious, is obviously a statement of intent that he will yet again make it to Israel for his final resting before the resurrection. may it be very soon, amen.

There is a great deal more to write about this, and we have already wrote a great deal on this, but it is scattered about in different posts on different sites, and B"H maybe I will merit to gather the material here. In Hebrew I have a significant chapter on this in Likutay Nanach.

QUESTION: Why in the world hasn't this been done already?!
ANSWER:  There are answers on many levels, ultimately when Rabbainu so desires his tomb will be immediately brought to Jerusalem may it be very soon, amen, however obviously Rabbainu does not yearn for the zionist regime and the heathen atmosphere prevalent there, but B"H hopefully this will be improving rapidly. On another level you have the obvious desire of the Ukrainians to retain the tomb. And on another level you have the so called Breslov Rabbis - a new phenomena hypocritical to the ways of Rabbainu - who stand to lose a lot of their power, honor, and revenue if the tomb would be in Israel.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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