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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Parshas Va-yeegash - making amends


Va-yeegash (Genesis 45:3) ולא יכלו אחיו לענות אתו כי נבהלו מפניו- and his brothers couldn't answer him because they were bewildered from his presence.

The brothers had came down to Egypt intent on finding Yosef and rescuing him, they were even prepared to wage war against all of Egypt to rescue him, to fix their grave sin of selling him. But what they were not prepared for was that Yosef would not need their help at all, and that they could not gain any sense of feeling of redemption by some grandiose rescue or any restoration of Yosef to his former status (- that is why they didn't recognize him in the first place, because his looking a little different was enough for them to build a mental defense against the possibility that it was him). This calls to mind the book Count of M.C. which is so trivial in that the count comes back and has his vengeance on all his enemies, because they all have greatness that he can take away, and all the people he wants to award are in great need - it all works out so nice and convenient, but if the enemies were just lowly people he wouldn't have anything to get revenge, and if those he wanted to award were already wealthy and honorable there wouldn't be anything he could do, very pathetic. So here too the brothers were stuck with this reality that there was no simple way of gaining penance by undoing the wrong, the wrong had already been fixed without them, and now they were utterly helpless.
So Yosef Hatzadik called them near and showed them his circumcision - for Yosef is the aspect of yesod-foundation (the real foundation, is the inner level, because always the external level stands completely on the level within - which manifests itself so meekly in the external level), he told them that if they wanted to make things right, they were all still in this world together, and by keeping their faith and brotherhood pure they could in fact still achieve redemption. Because nothing is withheld from G-d, and by keeping true to the aspect of Yosef G-d would avail them of the complete rectification they had presumed to attain. The Yesod is always attached to the aspect of Ain - nothingness of the Ain Sof (No Limit - Infinite G-d) - the Yesod is always completely new, and in renewal everything can be achieved, and the completion of the foundation is only by virtue of the successful building that stands upon it. So ultimately his entire best interest was in their success, and their success would be the rectification. This is what Yosef told them, I was sent here to sustain you, what would it look like if I were to wrong you now... and all the other things, check it out for yourself....

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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