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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Daas - holy realization of knowledge


HH Blessed is HY Who gave us His holy Torah and inscribed our names and sealed them in the Holy Torah where room is given for existence of diverse mindsets in the absolute Unity of G-d. The Unity is always there; was, is, and will be, and in the cycle of time this will become more and more apparent until it becomes blatant, and eventually a powerful consuming certainty. In today's modern word even religious people often put more faith in science than they do in their religion. And as science progresses producing all types of wonderful technology, more and more people are becoming disillusioned, the new technology hasn't brought real change to anything in their life, they waited and longed for the new computer, phone, robot, and now that they have it they are left with the same emptiness. And maybe this is a big factor in the appeal of islam, which advocates throwing away ones mind and just accepting One G-d. Seeing the uselessness of technology in providing meaning, they despair completely of their acumen, and just fall into mindless subservience. Abraham already referred to it as similar to a donkey, which is not altogether derogatory, for in fact Our Sages praised the righteous who set themselves like domesticate animals in their devotion of HY (Chulin daf 5). The true reality however is that the greatest wisdom and science is the fear of HY, and King Solomon the wisest of all men, and Our Sages in the Talmud already proclaimed that fear of G-d is one with wisdom – it is the very same concept, two sides of one coin, the coin being daas – the holy realization of knowledge – knowledge not just factual or logical – but knowledge which is a person's reality – the way he perceives and relates to everything in his life. Daas is a marriage (which by definition can only be holy) and union of holy knowledge and fear of Heaven – one compliments the other and strengthens the other. A person's knowledge is completely contingent on the paradigm of his reality, if he is stuck in modern science he will never be able to find the knowledge of G-d, which is the true life source and mechanism of everything in the universe, even still the Divine is always hidden everywhere, and even the scientist will have ample opportunities to realize from the very pit of science that there must be a Divine source for everything. The more the person gains awareness of the magnitude of the reality of the One G-d the more he will enter a paradigm where the wisdom is real and meaningful – not just technical relating to molecules and cells, but relating to life, and real life is Divine. And the more real wisdom one gains, the greater his awe of G-d will become – together these two factors create his daas.
The reason why we don't automatically have amazing daas, is because HY created the world with a constriction which blocks out daas, and a person has to break through to merit to the daas. Above the constriction of this blockage is a true reality of daas, it is a paradigm where all existence – aspect of Chuchma - is reflected in the souls of the tzaddikim – the aspect of Bina. Thus the daas we must gain in the world is by drawing close to the true tzaddikim who are the providers and the very paradigm of daas. So first we must dispose of our mindsets which are regulated and enslaved to the constricted reality which is bereft of daas, and then we must gain true daas as it is prescribed and emanated from the true tzaddikim.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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