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Monday, January 9, 2017

Praying to the Tzadik


The Chasidim - the Nanach are constantly accused of praying to the tzadik, and this needs clarification. In Hebrew I have already explained the issue at length, you can find it at this link

Here are two main points of what you have to know:

HH as far as praying to tzaddikim - there are two simple points - 

One: all the bounty HY sends to the world goes through the attribute of Yesod - which the tzadik embodies - therefore the same way people can ask a rich person to give them money - certainly they can ask the tzadik for whatever they need, because like the Torah says of Yosef Hatzadik - he's the one giving it all out - true, if someone asks the rich man for money believing that the money doesn't come from HY but purely from the rich man, that is heresy, and tzadikim would never speak to people at all they spoke directly to HY always in whatever way they perceived Him in front of them... but the bottom line is that it is permitted to ask people for things, and therefore it is much smarter to ask them from the tzadik. 

Point 2: the verse in Isaiah 45:14 says that in the future the gentiles will pray to the Jews - see the Malbim there that tries to explain this. The meaning is, that the halacha is that when we pray we must face in the direction of Israel-Jerusalem-Temple-Holy of Holies - that is a straight up halacha. Also we know from all over the Torah, Written and Oral - that the main Temple is man - unfortunately most people's temple is in a terrible state, but the tzadikim are actual holy temples upon which the Divine Presence rests even more than in the very temple of stone, much more so, therefore ultimately one must direct his prayers in the direction of the tzadikim - because that is where HY rests His Glory of the Shechina, and no, we do not worship the Temple itself, but we must direct our prayers there, that is the halacha, straight and simple. 

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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