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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Daas - Realization of Knowledge - of the Evil Realm


The holy Zohar says that the evil realm is castrated (/impotent, sterile) and can not produce offspring. However we do find in scriptures children attributed to the evil, as in e.g. Psalms (37:28) The children of the wicked are cut off, the Ramchal says in Adir Bamurom that this means that even though they have children, the children are not viable, and will not live. Rabbainu revealed in Likutay Moharan (volume 2, Torah 37) that a person who isn't holy and just chases after his desires, and leaves his wealth to his children, is likened to a person that defecates on himself and cleans the feces with more feces, for his children are really the aspect of feces GF, because they come from the superfluous waste of his brain, and are just like the vanity of his wealth, likened to excrement GF, see there. Thus we see that the children born to the wicked are an aspect of void. Like the holy Zohar says about the people that study Torah without purity that they create heavens and earths of void GF. That means that their conjugation is like they are relieving themselves on their partners, and in fact today there is a sick fe*ish k*nk for such a thing, because in reality that is what all of p*rn*graphy is – and even knowing this will not help those stuck in it's putrid disgusting grip, as explained in the Words of Rabbi Nachman (Sichos Huran 304), and therefore it is better not to even talk of it at all.

When I was in Uman a little while ago I was shmoozing with this kid, and I was explaining to him the concept that daas (realization of knowledge) is only for the good, because in the realm of evil there is nor real unity in conjugation, which is what daas is – the unification of Chuchma (wisdom-father) and Beena (understanding-mother). And after our whole talk the kid says let's see what Rabbainu says, and he opens a Likutay Moharan straight to Torah 43, where Rabbainu says, “know that there is daas of klipa (evil husks-forces)….” That was like hitting a brick wall. Even still it would seem that Rabbainu is not coming to dispute what is explained in the holy books that the daas of the klipa is simply a collection of the the chusudim (kindnesses- from the side of chuchmu) and givooroas (mights – from the side of wisdom) and does not have any unifying or cumulative power from the two sides. And the bar daas (-one possessing daas) that Rabbainu talks about there, would be someone who produces such offspring as described above – that are in reality void.

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